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Successful website development relies upon ensuring that all content is relevant and accessible to your target audience, upon every device available, because in our experience more than 50% of user traffic can come from mobile phones.

Therefore planning the design using the 'mobile first' approach means that browsers only load the required information in ascending order from mobile up to larger displays. This hugely increases the load speed of the website ensuring user engagement and a reactive user interface.

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With increasing sales of smart phones and tablets, the display resolution of a users browser is varied. Therefore great consideration must be taken when planning, designing and developing the user experience for your demographic.

To reach your goals we consider all browsing possiblities, concentrating our focus using Google benchmark data, to ensure you communicate your message effectively.


Previously the standard was to develop seperate websites for each device, making it a costly exercise.

With recent coding innovations, it is now easier to appeal to the entire market, with responsive web page design. One website can be constructed in a modular grid format, which can adapt to the devices' resolution and display dimensions.

This approach enables us to present the information you feel is most important, moving and sometimes dropping unnecessary elements that hinder navigation, to create a fluid intuitive user experience.

Adhering to this structure, our web design team can develop responsive websites to help promote your service or product. Keeping the design clean and uncluttered, removing the need to zoom in and out, improving the entire user experience.


There are several different Relational Database Management Systems (RDMS) that we prefer, the standard one being MySQL, which is developed by Oracle the world's largest database provider. It is used by Google, Facebook, Paypal, Ebay and Amazon to mention a few well known brands.

It is the default database installed on most Linux and Unix web servers and is used all across the internet. It can also be used on Windows web servers, but most of these come with MSSQL installed which is Microsoft's database management system. This SQL is similar to MySQL but the way the data is held is different. We can work with both and the data is easily exported/imported into the other.

Other databases we have worked with include MariaDB, PostgreSQL and Oracle.


Here at The Web Design Shop, we use PHP to deliver stunning, high-impact HTML websites and intuitive, user-friendly business applications.

PHP is the most widely used server-side programming language in the development of websites. As of May 2016, over 82% of all websites, including those run by large corporations such as Google, Yahoo and Facebook, use PHP as a server-side programming language.


First of all, the PHP language is 'open source' meaning there is a vast amount of help and support available online from experienced developers. Unlike other programming languages, which have a limited amount of developers available to help and requires a costly software license fee, support to developers of PHP is usually available free of charge.

Also, as there are more PHP developers available than developers of alternative languages, you should be able to source a local developer to maintain your system quickly and easily.

Furthermore, because there is an abundance of competent PHP developers out there, transferring to another provider, if ever required, is virtually seamless.


A further advantage of PHP script is that it takes fewer lines of code to accomplish complex functions than alternative languages, significantly reducing your site's development time and costs.

Also, because it is interpreted at the server level, changes to a PHP site can be seen immediately, unlike other languages which need to be compiled after each amendment. This again helps you save time and money during development.

PHP code is also 'editor independent' meaning, as PHP web developers, we are free to choose from an extensive choice of editors whereas rival languages only run on specialist premium editors or software packages.

Likewise, whilst rivals can only run on specific platforms, PHP is platform independent, so PHP websites can run on any platform whether it be Linux, Windows, Mac OsX or Unix. (ref www.comentum.com).

Our developers have extensive experience programming in PHP and its ease of use and versatility make it the perfect web solution for you.

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